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Welcome to the website of Drumlessen Amsterdam! Have you, or has your child always wanted to learn how to play the drums? You've come to the right place. I teach engaging 1-on-1 lessons for any age (6 and up) in all genres of music. Here's where you can learn all about me and the lessons I teach, as well as listen to music I've made and watch videos of past performances in the media section.

The mission

Whether or not you were born with a natural sense of rhythm, as long as you can count to 4 you're well on your way when it comes to playing the drums. Transparent goals combined with the right contents are the key to improving your drumming skills, and make sure that the students stay motivated and are having fun. Alongside playing the drums, there is also enough coverage of other relevant topics, such as how to practice (with or without a drumkit) or how to start a band of your own. Since the inception of my teaching business and hundreds of lessons, I have improved massively as an educator, and I continue to look for ways to improve myself to help my students reach for optimal results. I'm here to help you find and develop your inner rockstar! See Curriculum for more information


Drumlessen Amsterdam hosts its lessons in collaboration with Rock Supplies in Amsterdam-west. This is a rehearsal complex used by bands and loved by many Amsterdam musicians. You can also use one of their spaces to practice by yourself, which is great for drummers wanting to practice who don't have a drumset at home. Check out their website here. Currently I am only teaching at Rock Supplies and do not offer home service.

Who am I?

Bekijk de introductie video!

My name is Stein Kemper, drummer and creator of Drumlessen Amsterdam. I have been playing for almost 15 years, 10 of which I've studied weekly lessons with a variety of different teachers. I gave my first lessons in the summer of 2019, and have since then been working to expand my network of students and develop my skills as an educator. My goal is to provide fun, enjoyable lessons that are centered around the students personal goals and to make the instrument accessible to anyone who is interested but doesn't know where to begin. See About me for more information

Social media

Find Drumlessen Amsterdam on Youtube, and you can follow my band All Dogs go to Heaven on Instagram.