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Terms & Conditions

Listed on this page are the terms and conditions that apply for the educational year 2023 -2024.
These conditions apply to everyone that takes one or multiple drum lesson(s) at Drumlessen Amsterdam, both on a regular basis or flexible.

  1. Rates
    On the ''Rates'' page you will find the tuition costs for the current educational year. These costs will remain the same throughout this period.
    Lessons for students under the age of 21 are free of VAT (BTW). For students over the age of 21, a VAT-rate of 21% applies, which is calculated on top of the price listed on the Rates page. Trial lessons are free of VAT, regardless of age.
  2. Which prices apply to me?
    If you take regular lessons, you pay for five lessons at once, the price of which is listed explicitly on the Rates page. If you take lessons through the Flexlist, lessons are charged per single session, which are also explicitly listed on the Rates page. All lessons are billed by invoice in the name of the student receiving the lesson(s).
  3. Conditions for regular drum lessons
    Taking regular lessons means that once per week, or once per two weeks a drum lesson in attented by a given student, on a fixed day of the week, and a set time.
    To claim a regular spot, five lessons have to be paid, upfront. These five lessons are then solidified in the following weeks, and an individual lesson can only be rescheduled when this is communicated at least 24 hours ahead of the schedules lesson.
  4. Cancelling a drum lesson
    You can always cancel a drum lesson, but when this happens within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson, then the lesson will still count. This means that if the cancelled lesosn is number 3 out of 5, that the next lesson will count as number 4, so you will have missed lesson 3. If you cancel a lesson more than 24 hours ahead, then lesson 3 just moves over to the week (or two weeks) after. When you cancel a lesson that was booked through the Flexlist the same 24-hour rule applies, and the costs of the missed lesson will still be charged if the student cancels their lesson within less than 24 hours. If a lesson is cancelled in less than 24 hours without being rescheduled to a later point that same week, then there are no exceptions when it comes the reason of cancellation.
  5. Rescheduling a drum lesson
    As mentioned in point 4, rescheduling a drum lesson is possible as long as this is communicated on time. This is also possible within 24 hours or the scheduled lesson, with the most important condotions being that the lesson must be rescheduled within the same week as it was originally set to take place. For instance: You have your lesson on Monday at 16:00, but at 10:00 that day you cancel the lesson. This lesson will count no matter what, but if you are able to do the lesson on Tuesday at 17:00, and this fits my schedule as well, then we will reschedule the lesson to Tuesday 17:00. For the next week we will assume Monday 16:00 again. If no alternative spot can be found in the same week, the lesson will count as a missed lesson when cancelled too late.
  6. Taking breaks and coming back
    Taking a break from taking lessons as a regular student is possible; but only after the current five drum lessons have taken place.
    When a lesson is cancelled or missed, and there are still one or more lesson(s) left to complete out of five, then the (parent of the) student obligated to schedule the next lesson within three weeks of the originally scheduled lesson that was either cancelled or missed by the student.
    For instance: Student A cancels his lesson for Tuesday August 1st, well over 24 hours ahead of time. A has until August 22nd to schedule his next lesson. If the next lesson does not land on a Tuesday, this is fine; but if A cannot plan his next lesson before August 22nd, the rest of his lessons will expire. So, if A had three lessons to go out five after the cancelled lesson on August 1st, these three lessons will expire if A cannot plan his next lessons within three weeks of August 1st, and Drumlessen Amsterdam is no longer obligated to fulfill these lessons.
    Exceptions for this rule are as follows: If I have to cancel one or multiple lessons myself because of health or other responsibilities, this rule will not apply to the lesson(s) not taken by the student. The other exception is the summer vacation. If a student is in the middle of completing five drum lessons, en is unable to follow any lessons during the summer break (+/- 6 weeks), the remaining lessons can be finished after the school year starts.
  7. Paperwork (registration form & invoices)
    As a student of Drumlessen Amsterdam you are obligated to fill out a registration form, and return this as a PDF file. The information on the form is needed for correctly invoicing the future drum lessons. Also mentioned on the form is a short description of the conditions, with a reference to the elaborate Terms and Conditions (this page). The information provided by the student (or their parent) will be stored securely and will not be given to any external parties. An invoice is sent to the receiver on the day lesson 1 out of 5 begins, or the day on which an individual lesson is scheduled. The invoice will be in the name of the student, regardless if the student pays for the invoice themselves. The standard validity of an invoice is 14 days (2 weeks) from the invoice date (factuurdatum), on which the invoice is sent out. Besides the invoice being sent by e-mail, (the parent of) the drum student will also receive a payment link with which the amount stated on the invoice can be transferred instantly. When one week passes after the invoice date without payment having taken place, a reminder will be sent out, by either e-mail or Whatsapp message. After this reminder, (the parent of) the drum student has one more week to pay the invoice. If after this time the invoice remains unpaid for, (the parent of) the student may receive a formal reinder (aanmaning), potentially leading to additional collection costs.
  8. Questions
    If a (parent of a) student has any questions after having read the Terms and Conditions, these may be asked before, after, or during a lesson to clear up any uncertainty from either side. When you, as a student or parent have any comments or feedback regarding the Terms and Conditions, you are always welcome to share these with me, however it is undesirable to have these conversations over Whatsapp or any kind of digital form of communication.