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Prijslijst Drumlessen Amsterdam 2023 – 2024

Trial lesson (30 mins): €20

Trial lesson (60 minutes): €25

Proefles Plus (60 minuten): €35

5 lessen, 60 min: €215

5 lessen, 30 min: €135

1 les, 60 min: €50

1 les, 30 min: €35

The duration of a drum lesson

I offer two lengths of lessons: 30 or 60 minutes. My go-to recommendation for beginning drummers is usually 30 minutes. This has proven to be enough time to play around on the drums and for me to explain something new. I tend to keep 60 minute slots for the intermediate and advanced players. For trial lessons I do prefer to schedule 60 minutes no matter the skill level, just to have a comfortable chunk of time to also get to know you besides playing the drums.

What is a Trial Lesson Plus?

The Trial Lesson Plus is a new concept within Drumlessen Amsterdam. Specifically made with beginner drummers in mind, with a Trial Lesson Plus you don't only get 60 minutes 1 on 1 with me, you will also receive your very own pair of drumsticks so you can continue playing on your own after your first lesson. On top of that, you will also gain access to an exclusive online drumlesson in the form of a short video in which I demonstrate how to play a basic drumbeat. New information is hitting you left and right during a trial lesson, but with the Plus version you can make sure to have everything you need to make a good start of your drumming journey!

Choosing the right lessons

You can follow singular lessons, which can be scheduled without regularity, whenever you feel like it. If you prefer a regular lesson plan, we can schedule a fixed day and time. The options are weekly or bi-weekly lessons, and for teither of these options you pay 5 lessons beforehand. If you opt for more flexibility you pay per seperate lesson, without a (bi-)weekly schedule.

Gifting a drum lesson

Gifting one (or more) drum lesson(s) is NOT possible. My schedule is currently too full for me to comfortably plan gifted lessons in the relative short term.


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For students older than 21 years, a tax rate of 21% applies to the prices listed on this page (excluding trial lessons)

Mark Falke, 2022

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